I am your Holistic Wellness Pharmacist and Life Purpose mentor!

Hi there and welcome! I am Marcella Bade, Holistic Pharmacist and Life Purpose Mentor. I believe that health and wellness are the core values to achieve and live the life of your dreams!

I am completely passionate about helping women to live their purpose by using Health, Wellness and Self-development tools. I’d be honored to support you. Because I’ve walked this journey and dedicated myself to learning what it really takes to get to the other side. Book a consultation today to find the change you’ve been seeking.

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Let me know how I can help you: as a pharmacist, coach, influencer, content creator or just a friend :)

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Marcia Carvalho

I am very happy with Marcella`s professionalism and how she helped with my habits. Marcella supported me all the way, specially during the hard moments. She always recognized my acchievements! 

(Wellness Coaching Program)

Gabriela Peixoto

Marcella showed me the right tools to find out what I have the best within myself, identify my values, my limiting beliefs and my purpose. She was the piece that was missing so I could see what was just in front of me.

(Life Purpose Mentoring Program)


Very sound psychological principles here, neatly packaged into an easy and quick listen. Bookmarked this for repeat listening as needed to remind myself what the end goal of my efforts is. Thank you for sharing this with us here. I see the light in you

(Comment received at my Life Purpose podcast)