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Hi there! I am Marcella Bade, a dreamer, just like you.

My health and wellness journey started when I decided, at age 17, that I would study at Pharmacy school. My intention to become a pharmacist was to discover the cure of cancer. At this stage, I believed that any illness could be cured through medications and scientific research. I was wrong.

I worked at pharmacies, scientific research, public hospitals, pharmaceutical industry – which I specialized in Drug safety – but none of these have brought my dream to light. During that time I have watched as people take more and more prescription medications and generally grow less and less healthy.

I was always passionate about natural medicines – I studied Homeopathy and Bach flowers at Uni – but it was not until I decided to move to Australia (I am Brazilian, yey!!), and start my own self-development journey, to understand and find how I could use this passion to help others.

In Australia I learnt even better how to prioritize my wellness and health – I couldn’t imagine getting sick on the other side of the world, without my mum! – I changed basically everything for the better: exercise, nutrition, mindset, sleep habits, boundaries and also how to be grateful E-V-E-R-Y-S-I-N-G-L-E-D-A-Y! Due to my health and wellness background – pharmacists are not all about medicines guys! We know the body, mind and nutrition very well – it helped me a lot to change, that’s true, but everyone, with some support, can do it!

Having said that, in the middle of all these changes and process, I started asking myself: WHAT IS MY PURPOSE IN LIFE? WHAT AM I DOING HERE? WHAT IS MY DREAM JOB?

And let me tell you something that you won’t forget: I truly believe that health and wellness impact your life purpose. Studies have found that self-transcending, purposeful values seems to produce the greatest surge in willpower.

If I could choose ONE thing to change the world would be –SEEING EVERYONE LIVING PURPOSEFULLY AND HEALTHY. Living a life with purpose is the most precious thing you can do to yourself, and I am here to help YOU!

Lots of love,

Marcella Bade


  • Doctor of Pharmacy – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2011)

  • Specialist in Medicines Use and Safety - Institute of Science, Technology and Quality (Brazil, 2013)

  • Holistic Wellness Coach - Nature Care College – (Australia, 2018)

  • Holistic Life Coach - Natura Institute (Australia, 2019)

  • Life Purpose Coach - Transformation Academy (online, 2019)

  • Bach Flowers therapy - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2011) and Nature Care College – (Australia, 2018)

  • Diploma in Marketing and Management Entrepreneurial – MnM Institute (Australia, 2016)

  • Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching - Nature Care College – (Australia, 2018)

Let me know how I can help you: as a pharmacist, coach, influencer, content creator, food blogger or just a friend :)

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