• Marcella Bade

How to break a bad habit

We all have some habits that just keep derailing our success and we just do not know how to break it. But it is not as hard as it seems and it can actually be changed.

And here is the secret we will learn in these 7 easy steps below: If you use the same cues, and provide the same reward, you can change the routine and change the habit. Almost every behavior can be changed if the cue and the reward remains the same. Yep. Do you still skeptical? I challenge you to try this 7-step process for 21 days by choosing one small habit you want to change:

1. Begin by choosing a small habit you want to create or change – Let’s say that you want to wake up at 5am every day.

2. Find the driving force for this change – In this step you

may want to ask yourself: What do you value the most in your life? What do you crave for?

3. Identify the cue – This is a really important step and the first one to actually start reversing your habit. Let’s say you want to wake up early to go to the gym. Having a cue to remind you of the desired behavior (having your walking shoes beside your bed instead of your slippers) is the way to start this successful change.

4. Think of a reward and make it specific– Do you want to do more exercises? Choose a cue, like going to the gym as soon as you wake up, and a reward, like a smoothie after each session. So think about this smoothie. Allow yourself to enjoy the reward in advance. Finally, this yearning will eventually make it easier to get into the gym every day.

5. Practice daily – Consistency, Consistency, and Consistency.

6. Set the same time to action this habit – it makes easier for your brain to understand this change and transform into a habit.

7. Track your progress – using a calendar is an easy way to do this. Check off each day you kept to your plan. You also might want to create accountability. Work with a coach, pair up with an accountability buddy (preferably one who has similar goals), join a supportive community (again with similar goals).

Hope you may enjoy it. I would love to hear from you and your new habit.

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