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Review: Soulara - Vegan food delivered to you

Last week my hubby went to his dream trip - aka surf trip - with his pals - and I thought: "Well, not in a mood to cook only for me. I have so much to do with my trip to Brazil coming soon that I didn’t want to spend my few free hours cooking".

Tchan raaaannn... I had the amazing idea of ordering food from Soulara. Honestly, the best decision I made! They are all fresh, healthy vegan food delivery to your door.


Shakti Stroganoff

In order to help with your choices, here is the list what I`ve ordered:

Marrakesh Magic

Nirvana Carbonara

Shakti Stroganoff

Roots Unearthed Red Curry

Sadhana Masala

Soya, Edamame & Black Fungi Udon

Mushroom Bourguignon with Black Garlic Mash

Jungle Curry with Fragrant Jasmine Rice

Healing Turmeric Soup


They were all delicious and therefore hard to say which is my fav one. But I will try.

My top 3 is:

Mushroom Bourguignon with Black Garlic Mash (because it reminds my mom’s food)

Nirvana Carbonara – because is…like carbonara, but vegan!

Shakti Stroganoff – Because I LOVE Stroganoff. Easy.

I know, amazing. I know you will order too haha So feel free to get 20% off with code: marcellabade20.

And please, come here again and let me know what is your favorite one too.

Happy with food sorted for the week :)

I have only one complain to be honest: I wish the meals portion was bigger haha

Apart from this, it is very tasty and is something different from what I usually cook so is good to be off from my own food once in a while.

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