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Things to do in Bali

Bali is full of attractions and what draws attention are the differences between them: while you have beautiful beaches, others not so great but great for surfing and diving, the island also offers hikes to the volcanoes (Mount Agung, for example). where it is at the highest point in Bali and of course several Buddhist temples.

Padang Padang (where the movie "Eat, Pray and Love" was filmed with Julia Roberts) is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches for diving, stand-up paddling or simply sunbathing and drinking coconut water.

Padang Padang beach

If you have time, rent a motorcycle or a car and go for a ride along the South Coast - From Djmbaran to Uluwatu to see all the beaches in the area. Make sure to stop at Dreamland Beach, the most beautiful of all! You need to leave the car in the parking lot and get a car from the beach itself that drops you down to the beach. For the more experienced surfers, stop by Uluwatu Beach, the most famous in the region. It is worth going to visit this beach (there are some stairs to get there ..) and stop at one of the restaurants (Single Fin is the trendiest) to have a drink and enjoy this view!

View from Single Fin

On the way to Uluwatu do not miss the Uluwatu Temple, one of the most beautiful view points of the island, located on a hillside by the sea. The temple has a beautiful view of the sunset and at dusk you have the option to watch Kecak Dance, a typical Balinese dance.

The Canggu and Seminyak region is also worth a visit: shops, great restaurants, parties for those who enjoy and bars at night. I particularly enjoyed Canggu more. It is a region with lot of healthy restaurants, places to practice Yoga (The Practice), very relaxed bars (Old Mans Restaurant is the most famous) and the famous Deus Ex Machina, a mix of motorcycle exhibition, shop, restaurant, live music. and even tattoo parlor.

Another tour worth taking is Ubud. The Ubud region and its surroundings will lead you to explore the most authentic side of Bali. Ubud is surrounded by rice fields, such as Tegalalang, where you can wander the fields. Near the rice fields you will find the coffee fields (I suggest Coffe Luwak Alas Arum Agro where you can try various coffees and teas for free!) And drink the most expensive and rare coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is made from grains extracted from the feces of the civet, skunk-like Asian animals. They pick the best grains at the time of eating and only digest the pulp, with the seeds passing intact through the digestive system but suffering from the action of bacteria and enzymes in the stomach. The result is beans that yield a much tastier and smoother coffee.

Coffee and tea tasting at Coffe Luwak Alas Arum Agro

Ubud also has beautiful and meaningful temples, including Goa Gajah and Tirta Empul, which has a water fountain where the Balinese perform a purification ritual. Ubud Palace and Sarawasti Temple, right in the center of Ubud, are also nice tours that will allow you to get to know Balinese architecture better.

Saraswati temple

If you love animals, the Monkey Temple is a must-see. Just watch out for monkeys not stealing your glasses or food!

Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

The last but not the least, for those who enjoy walking, another alternative is to visit the Batur volcano, which many people visit to see the sun rise from above.

Hope you can use these tips on your next trip to Bali! Let me know down below the places you also LOVED!



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