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What I`ve learned from a Weekend Retreat!

Sometimes all we need to do is get away from our daily routine, relax in nature and do a social media detox. That’s exactly what I did on the weekend of 23AUG – 25AUG 2019. I was super lucky to find this retreat for a GREAT price (50% off) at GROUPON (click here).

Daily schedule

Me and two friends went to a Retreat place in Otford, NSW, Australia, called Heart and Soul Retreats, in the Govinda Valley. Nestled into the hills bordering the Royal National Park, Heart & Soul Retreats offers guests a chance to take a step back from their busy lives and reconnect with themselves amongst the beauty of nature.

First delicious dinner!

We arrived Friday around 6pm and time for dinner! They serve only vegan delicious meals every day. Definitely the highlight is the FOOD. So simple, healthy and delicious. At 7pm was time to Kirtan – a singing meditation. It was a little hard for me to meditate, but for some reason I left this session super relaxed!

Such a Beautiful place

At 8pm, time to chat and sleep! Busy day ahead. They follow the same schedule every day, as follows:

· 5.15am: Morning yoga

· 6.30am: Kirtan (singing meditation)

· 8.00am: Breakfast

· 10.30am: Morning yoga

· 12.00pm: Inspiring workshop (could include: cooking, astrology, personal development etc.)

· 1.00pm: Lunch

· 2.00-4.00pm: Free time for nature walks or wellness

· 4.30pm: Late afternoon yoga

· 6.00pm: Dinner

· 7.00pm: Kirtan (singing meditation)

So as you could imagine, we woke up at 4:45am on Saturday to attend the Yoga Class. Nice way to start the day. We skipped the Kirtan and had to wait until 8am for breakfast – this was a downside from this retreat: the activities had considerable gap between them, but that’s ok, we enjoyed this time chatting and drinking tea. Speaking of which, they have the best CHAI TEA ever! So rich in flavor!

Porridge with beetroot sauce

The BEST muffins! Please send me recipe guys!

Breakfast we had porridge, bread and fruits. No coffee was allowed in this retreat either – after all, we were there to relax right? Coffee would give us a “boost” not needed.

Hindu Temple and my cute Tumbler from Teami Blends.

Then, time for Yoga again! It was the same one for early morning with more fast movements. The next was a dancing meditation – the idea was to be yourself and do whatever movements you feel like doing.

During the day, between 1pm and 4pm we explored the surrounding: Kellys Falls, a beautiful Hindu temple (SRI VENKATESWARA), Otford lookout and we tried to do the Bulgo track but we had to come back in the middle because was becoming dark and we couldn’t miss the dinner, right?

On Sunday, right after breakfast, I receive Reiki and did a Tarot reading. It was my first time receiving Reiki and I had some interesting things happening during the session: I could actually see a “light” and I felt my body so hot and my legs pricking. Unforgettable! A part from that, the schedule was the same, but the Yoga was different: we did Kundalini Yoga this time, focused on breathing movements. The workshop was different too – it was a Sharing Circle – we all seated in circle and sharing our thoughts, memories and fears, all free of judgement.

While you wait your massage or Reiki...

Then, after lunch, was time to go home - Summarizing: this retreat was so WORTHY. I could ground myself again and be mindful to always be present in the moment.

They have a special – 50% OFF!! – if you buy at Groupon! So hurry up because is for a limited time!

Let me know in the comments if you want to know anything else or if you also enjoy doing a retreat once in a while.



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